Viperfleet Inc.

Viperfleet Inc.

Wormhole pvp corporation

About Viperfleet Inc.

Viperfleet Inc is a wormhole pvp corporation, specialized in small fleet pvp. Our focus is mainly on, but not limited to wormholespace. Viperfleet Inc. is a casual, European timezone corporation with most of our members being Dutch and some UK  / Irish redheads. Viperfleet Inc has a rich history, check out the viperfleet-inc page for our story!

Viperfleet Incs mission is "enjoying ourselves as a team in PvP". In wormhole space, that means every single pilot is an important part of the machine and just pressing F1 is not enough. Because of this, the people in Viperfleet Inc are thight knit and real teamplayers.

Are you up for something new? Do you want to be part of team where you can make a difference? Then Viperfleet Inc may be for you!

Public Channel: Viperfleet Public
Public Discord:


Viperfleet Inc was founded as a dutch only corp in April 2011. At the time, we were 3 different dutch corporation under the Viperfleet Alliance, living in a c5/c3. We had a decent mix of pve and pvp, soon, fights started to get more serious. Our members where starting to thirst for more.

Opportunity came when we were able to join up with the pvp alliance Narwhals Ate My Duck. We merged our dutch corporations and Viperfleet Incs story had started. Over the years we have seen wormhole space (and eve in general) change, and we've joined and left many alliances. Our core members from the time of founding are still together, and still make up the core of our memberbase.