Viperfleet Inc.

Viperfleet Inc.

Wormhole pvp corporation

Recruitment. Apply today!

Wormhole space is a niche, for us, it's the best but it is not for everyone. We are generally a casual corp, but do have some expectations from each member.

In wormhole space, the most important thing is teamwork. To succeed here, you have to be pro-active, work together and communicate well with your corp members. For Viperfleet Inc, the dude at the keyboard is more important then things like killboard stats or skillpoints.

A small look into Viperfleet Inc:

  • Focus op small fleet pvp.
  • Informal and relaxted mentality.
  • Experienced and mature memberbase.
  • Software: TS3, forums, wh-mapper, etc.
  • Yearly BBQ (in the Netherlands)

Our expectations:

  • Teamspirit and Teamwork.
  • Communicating through Teamspeak.
  • A strong drive and focus towards PvP.
  • Mature, positive and pro-active attitude.
  • You actively (help) search for content and you don't wait for someone to find it for you.

Knowledge and/or prior experience in wormhole space is nice, but not required. We'll teach you everything you need to know.

I have questions

Great! Contact us and have a chat!

Public Channel: Viperfleet Public
Public Discord: (Ping @Recruiter)